Paris-based producer Mikhaël Gautier, better known under differents monikers as -MLTPLX-, OP9 or Lumski, is notable for making eclectic forms of Electronic music since 1996.

Ranging from the deepest ambient to some heavy bass-music ; -MLTPLX-’s music takes from the DNA of the original Click’n’cut style to some more abstract and futuristic Neuro-Glitch mayhems.

His tracks rolls the waves loaded with bass frequencies, and artifacts that had some gritty mysterious reliefs.

After his work and studies at IRCAM’s (Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique Musique – Centre Pompidou), he lately pushed his artistic expression in further boundaries by using programming languages to create synaesthetic relationships between music & generative videos.

Announcing his new eponym Album to be released March 13th on DETROIT UNDERGROUND. Mikhaël Gautier is currently working on the LIVE SHOW that belongs to it.

The idea behind this particular full length project, is to propose to the audience some Synaesthetic paradygm’s, exploring -MLTPLX-’s visions on actual Modernism and the many ways to deconstruct it.-MLTPLX-’s creatives tools are mainly digitals, and most of the time thought as modulars forms. Music and Videos are programmed with Data-flow programming tools like Max (‘74), Bitwig, ios, Resolve and Magic Music Visuals. Those range of tools allows the composer to express his art-form, as a piece of interactions between many modules connections.

Some collaboration with Ircam’s Acids labs are in the plan involving some new approachs and tools to serve this new release’s creation…

All his releases since the last 10 years had allowed him to navigate from genres to genres. Beginning by the ‘OP9 – Eponym’in 2008 on MixedMode Rec., and then the ‘OP9 & Friends Wicky Wacky’ in 2012 on Maison DMA / Musicast and then  ‘Opiate’ in 2015 on Cezame Agency, Mikhaël Gautier has gained a reputation for making thoughtful electronica that easily transform a dancefloor in a blast that spans a wide spectrum of musical ideas.